Andy Rapp

Delta College/WDCQ-TV host Andy Rapp has announced his retirement.  After hosting the station’s Currently Speaking program for 17 years, he has announced that he is leaving the program.

Rapp said “I’ve had a great run with Currently Speaking and feel it’s been well-received,” said Rapp, who lives in Midland with his wife Donna. “For seventeen and a half years, we’ve presented a unique local program that featured important and interesting guests. I’ve really enjoyed interacting with people who call to participate in the show.”

Rapp worked full-time at the college for 18 years in the 1970s and 1980s, teaching broadcasting, history and law classes.  He launched Currently Speaking in 1999. The weekly program features a panel of journlists, academics and experts offering their opinions on a variety of subjects.

At this point, a decision has yet to be made whether the program will continue with another host. The show’s final episode with Rapp will air on December 18.